“Many of us think we’ve seen it all, and then a book like this comes along that opens our eyes to a whole new world of stories from the frontlines of public management!  Mike and Melissa have done a great job with this collection of real stories from women professionals that will inspire us, make us think and also make us laugh!

Dave Childs, City Manager of Palmdale, California, ICMA President, 2010


“In these challenging times in local government, it is encouraging to know that professional managers continue to chart the course for many of our cities, counties, and other jurisdictions. Our strength lies in our diversity, innovation, and the passion we hold for the very important work that we do. Never before has this formula been more critical for success in managing the quality of life issues in our communities and for the people we serve.  Thanks Mike and Melissa for collecting these stories from such a diverse group of women professionals!”

Darnell Earley, City Manager, Saginaw, Michigan, ICMA President 2009


“These stories from women professionals help us understand leadership in times of disruptive change. Rather than admiring the problem, we learn how to seek the solution. Bravo, Mike and Melissa.”

David Limardi, ICMA Midwest Regional Director, ICMA President, 2008


“Mike and Melissa have used the words of many of their colleagues to capture the spirit of local government and the contributions managers and assistants make to their communities.   These managers and their assistants tell wonderful stories about why House Speaker Thomas P. ‘Tip’ O’Neill told us ‘all politics is local’ and about where the rubber meets the road for the citizen.  Everyone interested in local government as a profession and in learning ‘how things get done at city hall’ needs to read their stories.”

Ed Daley, City Manager, Hopewell, Virginia, ICMA President, 2007


“Delivering Democracy to the Doorstep has been a passion of mine throughout my career.  I am so pleased to see Mike and Melissa deliver this cadre of stories from women professionals on the front lines that highlight their incredible commitment to public service.”

Bill Buchanan, County Manager, Sedgwick County, Kansas, ICMA President, 2006


“These are the stories of professional local government management women, told by women.  They are stories we all need to hear, and to reflect on, as we diversify our profession.”

Michael Willis, ICMA President, 2005


Despite all that we learn in the classroom, there are some things that experience alone can teach.  Once on the job, we learn some of the most unexpected lessons, and often when we least expect them.  The stories that leaders and decision-makers in our profession have to tell are invaluable.  With this sequel to Democracy at the Doorstep, we now have two references that give voice and provide valuable insight from both women and men in the local government profession.

Tom Lundy, County Manager, Catawba County, North Carolina.  ICMA President, 2004


There have been great female managers from the beginning of time whose talents have often been overlooked for just as long.  Conduff and Vossmer have assembled stories from women public managers that offer inspiration for public servants of both genders.

Dave Krings, Director, Non-Profit and Local Government Solutions, TechSolve, Inc., ICMA President, 2003


Stories represent the chronicles of our lives.  Women bring a passion and perspective to stories that can otherwise go missing. Thanks to Mike & Melissa for adding to the collective history of the profession with this volume of stories told by women.

Peggy Merriss, City Manager of Decatur, GA, ICMA President, 2002


“These reflections of women local government managers exhibit the best of the profession and represent the growing reality of the gender diversity of our profession.”

 Dave Mora, ICMA President, 2001


Mike Conduff (with Melissa Byrne Vossmer) has once again done an artful job of capturing the stories of some of the most creative leaders in local government – this time from women professionals.  This new book, Democracy at the Doorstep, Too! demonstrates his awareness of the value of women to the profession.  The stories address the many challenges women have faced throughout their careers and provide wisdom for those who follow in their footsteps.  Mike is once again OnTarget with his efforts to share the experiences of all influential thinkers and practitioners in City/County Management. His inclusiveness is evidence of his commitment to the profession.   Those who know Mike personally, or have read his books, know that he is one of those people that have truly made a difference in our profession.

Cathy Holdeman, Assistant City Manager, Wichita, Kansas, KACM President, 2010